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About OMS

OMS is a Power-full application that combination of both Customer Relationship Management(CRM) and Procurement Management System(PMS)

Our Goal is to deliver the best and most OMS Solution for clients at the lowest cost. Our experience has shown that while components are often superior, especially for users in the small business sector. Even trained professionals in large enterprises turn to costly closed source alternatives due to the same administrative challenges. We've bridged this gap by offering an easy to use; feature rich OMS in the cloud, with a 100% Commercial and User Friendly platform.

We are proud to say that we have the perfect OMS solution for every business – no matter how large or small they happen to be. This is because we have spent years honing it to be just right for a whole number of different tasks, as well as the fact that we still constantly spend time coming up with innovative and useful ideas that will benefit everyone who uses our OMS software. For this reason, we can confidently claim that we are the best in the business when it comes to Commercial OMS systems. Of course, the main benefit of our OMS is that it is fully Commercial and User Friendly. This eliminates the risk of using expensive, proprietary OMS solutions. In terms of features, SYS IT OMS compares favorably with other OMS solutions that cost 10 times more.

As well as our regular OMS software, we also provide the ability for our customers to store all of their data in the virtual cloud, which we refer to as SYS IT OMS on Cloud. This means that all data is kept secure and won’t disappear should there be a problem with the computer system at your place of work. It also means that sensitive information can be stored away from those that you don’t want to see it – something that is often vital in an office situation. Another massive benefit to our OMS on Cloud service is that the data can be accessed anywhere! No longer do you have to be in the office to see information on the business, as it can be seen while at home or even on business trips to the other side of the world. This is vital for ensuring that business continuity is maintained wherever your business ends up.

The final facet of our business that we are truly excited about is the mobile OMS that we offer, which can be accessed through both Apple IPhone and IPad products and through those that run on the Android platform.

As can be seen we offer everything that a business could need when it comes to OMS, Mobile OMS and online OMS. We are focused ensuring that all of your OMS needs are met and that you never have to be away from valuable information again. This work has not been without plaudits though.



What makes SYS IT OMS the best solution for my business?
SYS IT OMS has 50+ modules covering Customer Management, Sales Management, Vendor Management, Purchase Management, Inventory, Project Management, Marketing Management, Fixed Asset Management, Finance Management functions.

The freedom and value that you get from Our OMS solution, combined with the powerful features that come with SYS IT OMS makes it an ideal solution for your business.

Can SYS IT OMS be customized for my business?
Yes. SYS IT OMS can be configured to address the needs of your business. Here are some of the things that you can do as an administrator.
-> Add custom fields in any module.
-> Configure workflows to automate certain actions (such as sending email notifications).
-> Setup Profiles to only show certain modules for specific users.
-> Configure Role hierarchy to limit access to certain records.
-> Add new Currencies... and more.