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Inventory Management

OMS’s inventory management system stores all of your products and services, including quantities, descriptions, pictures, prices, serial numbers and more, while price books help you develop different pricing strategies for various customer scenarios. Afterward you can add vendors as product sources and use low inventory warnings as a reminder to create purchase orders to order new product. Or you can create quotes, sales orders, and invoices that automatically deduct from available stock, for which you can request online payments from customers that are tracked against their outstanding invoices. Finally, synchronize quotes and invoices across to accounting systems.


Products represent a stock of goods in your Inventory. Products can be either procured from your suppliers or rendered to your customers depending upon the nature of your Organization. Interestingly, if your company manages both selling and purchasing goods, Products module will act as a bridge between Sales and Purchase departments.


Services refer to the free or paid assistance you would offer to benefit your customers. In general, services are non-stock items rendered to your customers. Services do not have bundles.

Price Books

Price Books gives you the ability to attribute different prices for products. As it gives control over the pricing, you can vary prices at any time; As a result, you can always offer best price to delight your customers.