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More Features

Staff Management

Staff List

With this module you can capture all of your staff details and their current status.

Knowledge Base (FAQ)

FAQ acts as a repository for all questions frequently asked by your customers as well as internal team members It will be a hassle for your support team to provide same solution repeatedly. You can either convert Tickets into FAQs or create new FAQs and share with your customers and the ​internal team as well.

Online Knowledge Base (Bookmarks)

With this module you can capture usefull online web links as bookmark for easy navigation for your internal team.

Trouble Ticketing

A ticket can be created for customers or staff who report an issue. They can also use the Customer Portal for reporting an issue.

Asset Management

Assets List

Assets are tangible or intangible resources that are rendered to your organization. With Assets List, it becomes easy for you to audit.

Asset Activity and History

With this module you can capture asset being used currently by whom and previously who used(History).

Warranty Management

With this module you can capture you Asset Warrnaty Information and Track Expiry.

Subscriptions Management

With this module you can capture your organization Subscriptions like renwals services(domain, hosting, license, etc) and get notification from OMS before expiry of them.

Activity Management

To Dos, Meetings & Calls

Automate the creation of new tasks, like reminders to follow up on calls after they happen. If tasks creation can’t be automated, tools to create them are built right into your workflow, and automatically link to relevant information so that when an event reminder pops up, it’s always rich in detail about what you need to do so you’re never left scrambling.


Calendar brings together all the scheduled activities into one place, including Calls, Meetings, Tasks, Projects, Opportunities. Anything that has a date linked to it can be added in the Calendar.

E-mail Notifications

Get automated reminders on upcoming activities

Productivity Add-ons

Advanced Global Search

You can search anything from OMS System


Workflows will streamline your business by automating operations like sending emails, creating activities, updating fields, etc., As tasks are performed automatically, you need not have to execute them manually.

PDF Templates

This feature enables you to create templates for modules such as Quotes, Invoices, Sales Orders, and Purchase Orders.


Comments are the written communications, posted on the records of OMS. Comments added to a record can be viewed by internal users and reply back to it. The comments can also be viewed and replied by the customer from Portal.

Finance Management


This module enables you to receive payments for Invoice that you sent your customers.


This module enables you to make payments for Purcahse Orders that you sent your vendors.

Security Management

User Management

Users are employees in your organization who can log into their SYS IT OMS accounts, access information, and perform tasks according to permissions that have been defined to them. OMS supports two types of users Standard Users and Admin Users.


Profiles are used to control the user actions on OMS records. In addition, profiles can be used to restrict the users from accessing specific modules, fields, and features such as import, export, etc. When a profile is associated to a role, the access rights defined in the profile will be applied across all users in that role.


You can mimic your organization-wide Role hierarchy in SYS IT OMS with the help of Roles. Roles like CEO and Sales Manager are provided by default along with OMS package. You can assign identical designations to your employees like Sales Manager, Support Engineer, etc. User’s position in the ​hierarchy will decide which of the records he/she can access.


Groups can be a combination on different users, roles, roles and subordinates and groups within an organization. Groups will help you to build teams to share a ​common set of records.


Sharing Rules are used to configure data sharing rules across users in a Role hierarchy. In SYS IT OMS, the default access for OMS records is set to public, which enables everyone to see all the records in OMS. When sharing rules are set to private, users can only view records assigned to them and records of users below them in a role hierarchy. Sharing Rules also help you to set custom sharing rules to share data with a specific role, role and subordinate, and group.


Documents module is more like a drive. You might sometimes need to save your work related files, personal files, Images etc. You can either upload files directly or provide an external link to download the file again. Files can be classified by grouping them under different folders.


Reports provide your staff the ability to extract data relevant to them from thousands of records. You may use these report features to get an overview of customer related activities and to draw conclusions on how to improve your sales process. You can generate reports based on desired criteria by using filters.


Custom Fields

Each module in OMS has a predefined set of blocks and fields that organize and store the various pieces of information you need. The Module Layouts & Fields Editor feature enables you to create custom fields, rearrange fields, edit field properties, and move fields inside and across blocks. The custom fields you create are accessed by all users across your OMS account unless you’ve defined permissions through Profiles.

Pick Lists

Picklist Field Values is a drop-down field with a list of options available, within which, only one option can be selected. SYS IT OMS enables you to create new picklist values in addition to existing values. After the custom picklist value(s) is created, they will be available for selection in respective module.

Custom List Views

Create lists to find and organize records based on a condition using Custom Filters

Currency customization

This feature enables you to configure national and international currencies to help you in dealing business operations with your customers around the globe.

Tax Services(GST)

SYS IT OMS gives you the flexibility to manage local(GST) and international tax rates through Tax Management.